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Underlying Causes of Problems and Challenges

Standing in the Way of a Peaceful Prosperous Just World

(Updated on September 27, 2015)

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66.1     Introduction

This document outlines the Underlying Causes of Problems and Challenges standing in the way of having a peaceful, prosperous, just, sustainable world.

Universal Movement and Global Strategic Plan for a Permanently Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable World described at www.PeopleNow.org



66.1     Introduction


66.2     Purpose


66.3    Objectives

           66.3.1 Underlying Causes of These Problems


66.4     Background




66.2     Purpose

This document outlines XXX.


66.3    Objectives

The objectives of this plan include:


66.3.1 Underlying Causes of These Problems. Unless the underlying causes of problems are identified and corrected, the problems will reoccur.           Greed. Individuals, primarily the extremely rich, obsessed with financial and material wealth, exploiting others and supporting and helping to elect and reelect leaders so that they can use taxpayer’s money and military force, to coerce resources from the rest of the world.          Senior public servants are not doing their jobs, are violating their oaths of office and committing corrupt acts and crimes.          Department of Justice officials are failing to enforce the rule of law.           Deficiencies in early child development and education Including:


         Stern parent versus nurturing parent approach


         Cooperation versus competition


         Pampering versus child solving own problems


         Ostentatiousness           Lack of understanding of:        Semantics, linguistics, framing, communications, etc.       Human nature, character, reasoning, ethics, values, principles, integrity, accountability, teamwork, courage, democracy, humane instincts including cooperation, civility, caring for others, etc.       The U.S. Constitution, international treaties, rule of law, civil rights, meaning of sovereignty of the people, democratic processes, the legal system, restorative justice, etc.           Individuals spending considerable time on electronic media (the average grade school student spends 6.5 hours per day) at the expense of socially interacting with each other, sports, exercising, etc.           Individuals, primarily the extremely rich are obsessed with financial and material wealth and are supporting and helping to elect and reelect leaders, using taxpayer’s money and military force, to coerce resources from the rest of the world.           Negative traits: lack of empathy and compassion and vindictiveness, bullying, apathy and greed.           Waste, abuse and fraud         Corrupt acts by individual public servants         Public servants failing to provide honest services         Bureaucracy                                                                                                    Deficiencies in democratic skills         Lack of educational opportunities         Personnel errors         Lack of or improper education or training


66.4     Background