TAP 46

The Plan to Make Preparations to Implement

All UN SDG Targets as Target Action Plan (TAPs) Worldwide

“By far the most significant initiative in the world ever”

(Updated May 3, 2017)


46.1    Introduction:


46.1.1 This plan is for the public and private sectors to collaborate and in the most effective and efficient ways possible to: Refine the 43 existing SDG TAPs, which are in various stages of development, and prepare them for implementation Develop UN SDG TAPs for all SDG Targets for which TAPs have not yet been developed.


46.1.2 Attachment A of the Common Agenda of TAPS and USP Documents provides a Glossary of Terms and Description of the Standard Numbering System for UN SDGs, TAPs, TAs and USP Documents. Each section of every document will be uniquely numbered making it easy to recommend changes.


46.1.3 The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their 169 Targets and the 43 Target Action Plans (TAPs) and the Universal Strategic Plan (USP) for a permanently peaceful, prosperous, just, sustainable World are described beginning on www.PeopleNow.org.


46.1.4 All 194 countries of the world, including the U.S., have agreed to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their Targets. Developed countries, including the U.S., have agreed to help undeveloped countries implement the UN SDGs and Targets in their countries.


46.1.5 In his book, The Sane Society, Eric Fromm states: "Change must be a simultaneous change in economic, education, political and cultural spheres. Changes restricted to one sphere are destructive of every change." For example, when wars are permanently ended and most of the millions of military personnel and manufacturers of weapons, munitions, combat ships and aircraft in the DOD-MIC are no longer needed, there must be: Honest, caring, dedicated legislators who will pass the necessary legislation and vacate unnecessary legislation A like-minded president who will ensure the laws are faithfully and fairly executed Funding for full employment Full employment and jobs at living wages for everyone and for each person as they become available or not needed in their current positions Work to be done e.g. providing the needs and necessities of life for all and mitigating global warming and its effects   Training as necessary An educated, understanding public Public servants, reform-minded individuals and organizations to plan and do the work


46.1.6 Otherwise as Fromm predicts releasing DOD-MIC personnel without planning will: Increase unemployment Drive down wages Destroy efforts to find jobs for released nonviolent offenders and immigrant asylum seekers Destroy efforts to enact liberal-labor-reform and immigration-reform legislation, etc. This does not mean that wars should not be ended immediately. It does mean, that we must collaborate and work together from the same set of comprehensive plans, plan ahead, cover all the items in paragraphs 46.1.5 through and adjust as the situation changes.


46.2  Purpose: Complete planning and make the preparations necessary to rapidly implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Target Action Plans (TAPs)


46.3  Objectives: This plan is for the public and private sectors to collaborate and in the most effective and efficient ways possible to:


46.3.1 Refine the 43 existing UN SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs), which are in various stages of development, to reflect what already has been done by other organizations and complete their preparations for implementation


46.3.2 Develop UN SDG TAPs for all SDG Targets for which TAPs have not yet been developed.


46.3.3 Show where the funding will come from to accomplish this work. Obtain funding for this planning work from the Public and Private Sectors


46.4  Actions to Organize, Educate, Plan and make Preparations to Rapidly Implement the UN SDG TAPs.


46.4.1 Request progressive organizations take the lead on appropriate elements of each UN SDG Target Action Plan and the Universal Strategic Plan (USP), collaborate and work in parallel from the common set of plans.


46.4.2 Develop a budget and proposals to accomplish this plan


46.4.3 Establish an office in the Washington DC Area co-located with or near a progressive organization to coordinate not manage refining and implementing the UN SDG TAPs


46.4.4 Refine the 43 existing TAPs, which are in the various stages of development, to reflect what already has been done by other organizations already implementing SDGs in particular the UN Foundation, Global Citizen and the Associations of the UN and finish preparing them for implementation


46.4.5 Identify and sequence urgent target actions (TAs) for early completion


46.4.6 Develop and Continually Refine, Maintain and Implement the Following Major Elements of the USP:


46.4.7 The entire USP, Associated Websites and the Common Agenda of the TAPS     The Summary of the Necessities and Needs for a Decent Life    The Summary of Employment Opportunities and those seeking jobs, both arranged by nine digit ZIP codes


46.4.8 Develop Target Action Plans for all remaining UN SDG targets


46.4.9 Prepare a Plan for and Launch a Public Relations (PR), Social and other Media Campaign for the SDG’s, Targets, TAPs, the USP and Partner Organizations


46.4.10     Establish an Advisory Board for the Universal Strategic Plan and Working Groups for each of the TAPs Major Elements of the USP in particular to ensure all the elements and actions of the Universal Strategic Plan and the TAPs are honest with no spin and that it helps all people and not just a selected few


46.4.11     TAP 35 Prioritize Using New Thinking and Doing Holistically, Engaging and Mobilizing New Voices and Constituencies, Strengthening Capacity of and Collaboration Among Organizations and Individuals Engaged in Progressive Issues. Ensure that the public and private sectors are informed and educated about the importance of this and encouraged to use it.


46.4.12     TAP 55 Continue Building and Maintaining the Global Matrix Network (GMN) of Individuals, Organizations, Miscellaneous Locations and Events with Each’s Nine Digit Zip Codes, which Provides the Neighborhood, Community, City, State, and Political Districts of Each. This will help form the base of the “nonpartisan activist force” that Chomsky recommends. Maintain listings of potential partner movements, organizations and individuals in the Global Matrix Network (GMN)


46.4.13     TAP56 Build The Global Factual Information and Education Program to Promote Sustainable Development and Implementation of the UN SDG Targets Action Plans (TAPs), Provide Online, Short Videos about Each Element of the USP and Each TAP solicit inputs, determine how we can work together better and request organizations to consider taking the lead on specific UN SDG Target Action Plans and elements of the USP.


46.4.14     TAP23 Integrate other meaningful, proposed causes or systemic changes into related, existing TAPS and/or develop entirely new TAPs as the need be. This includes the of The Zeitgeist Movement - “Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy" (NLRBE), The Venus Project, The Next System Project - New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals and other similar programs and projects.


46.4.15     Help others implement any of the projects that they are working on that they desire. This would be done by finding UN SDG Targets that match their projects and help them develop Target Action Plans (TAPs) and make the developed UN SDG Targets & TAPs part of the Common Agenda. This would help then collaborate with other and ensure that their projects are implemented quickly and worldwide and at a lower cost so that more projects can be accomplished.


46.4.16     Anyone working on a significant cause or with ideas for a needed cause not already included in this plan are encouraged to add it to an existing TAP or develop an entirely new TAP so that it can be implemented worldwide.


46.4.17     TAP34 Develop and Implement Parallel Movements and Plans for Cities, Counties, States, Other Nations and the United Nations by replicating applicable parts of the Plan to Rapidly Implement SDG TAPS which was prepared primarily for the U.S. and the U.S. Federal government Begin with a plan for Washington D.C. Feedback ideas and lessons learned from replicated plan into the U.S. Plan


46.4.18     As much as possible have Co-ops manufacture the systems, materials and goods to help people become self-sufficient and combat global warming