UN SDG Target 16.1.3 & Target Action Plan - TAP 46

Plan to implement the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Eagle Eye News "Manifesto to fix America's gun laws" in coordination with the UN SDGs and permanently eliminate all forms of gun violence

(Updated April 2, 2018 2018)

(This is a work in progress. Please provide comments/suggestions/additional actions to PeopleNow.org by email: refinetheplan@peoplenow.org or Fax 703-521-0849)


46.1     Introduction:                                                                       


46.1.1 This Plan is intended primarily help implement the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Eagle Eye’s News’ “Manifesto to fix America's gun laws.”


46.1.2 Under this Plan, the U.S. Congress will make laws that are applicable to the Federal Government, all States, the District of Columbia and Territories because this will be much faster than making laws one state at a time.


46.1.3 This plans will be replicated for use in parallel plans for cities, counties, states, other nations, the UN and its related organizations. Lessons learned, corrections and suggestions from the replicated plans will be fed back into this plan and vice versa.


46.1.4 Reforming gun legislation is essential; but, there is much more to be done to permanently eliminate gun violence, e.g. provide security in all neighborhoods - in particular African-American. Also provide jobs, quality educations, health and mental care, etc. for everyone. This is done by making this part of Action Plan - AP 45 Plan to Rapidly and Permanently Eliminate Nuclear Weapons and End Wars, Unemployment, Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, Inequality, Racism, Gun Violence, etc. and Reduce the Rate and Degree of Global Warming and Climate Change and Mitigate their Adverse Effects Worldwide by the Public and Private Sectors Implementing the UN SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs), which is described on www.PeopleNow.org.


46.1.5 By making this part of Action Plan 45, that covers every significant problem/issue, it makes it possible for individuals to more easily choose on what they want to work. For example if an individual wants to work on gun violence she/he does not need to be concerned about funding because there are separate TAPs for funding and vice versa. Also, almost all psychologists agree that all forms of violence comes from early childhood and many factors effect childhood - hunger, poverty, homelessness, punishment, education, etc. over which the child has little control. So there are many other areas in which we need to work


46.1.6 UN SDG Target 16.3 "Significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere" has been rewritten to read “Eliminate all forms of violence and related deaths and injuries everywhere” and is being broken down into:          Target 16.3.1: Institutional violence: police, legal and prison systems          Target 16.3.2: Nuclear weapons, wars, military, etc. violence TAP 18          Target 16.3.3: Gun violence TAP 46 - This document.          Target 16.3.4: Domestic violence          Target 16.3.4: Violent crimes


46.1     Introduction


46.2     Purpose


46.3    Objectives:


46.4    Actions


46.5     Background (Being developed)




46.2     Purpose

This document implements Target 16.3.3: Eliminate all forms of gun violence and related deaths and injuries in the United States and ultimately everywhere


46.3    Objectives: The objectives of this plan include:


46.3.1 Eliminate all forms of gun violence and related deaths and injuries in the United States and in particular and soonest in poor communities and schools.


46.3.2 Replicate this plan and share it with all the countries of the world with all countries sharing their plans and lessons learned via an advanced industrial management system


46.4    Actions:


46.4.1 Ensure Target Action TA 41.4.1 “Ensure everyone, in particular children, have the basic necessities of life (food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare and security)” is implementing as rapidly as possible.” Having security will remove the need to have a gun for self-defense or to protect families. This is the original and current purpose of the second amendment, provide “the security of a free State.”


46.4.2 U.S. Congress pass federal laws, applicable to the Federal Government, all States, the District of Columbia and Territories that:          Ban the purchase and possession of and implements mandatory buy back programs for:       All dangerous and unusual weapons including assault, automatic and semiautomatic weapons, weapons that fire high-velocity rounds the M-16 and other firearms most useful in military service    Civilians shouldn't have access to the same weapons that soldiers do. These weapons were designed for dealing death: not to animals or targets, but to other human beings. The fact that they can be bought by the public does not promote domestic tranquility. Rather, their availability puts us into the kind of danger faced by men and women trapped in war zones.    This situation reflects a failure of our government. It must be corrected to ensure the safety of those guaranteed the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.       All accessories that simulate automatic weapons including high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.    High-capacity magazines played a huge role in the Parkland school shooting. In only 10 minutes, 17 people were killed, and 17 others were injured. In the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, 58 people were killed and 851 others were injured. The gunman used bump stocks.    That's why bump stocks, high-capacity magazines and similar accessories that simulate the effect of military-grade automatic weapons must be banned.          Require “universal background checks” for all sales including those sales at gun shows and all second hand sales and gifts.          Require the “establishment of a relational database of all background checks and gun possessions and sales.” This database should record which guns are sold by whom, to whom, and of what caliber and capacity they are.       Just as the department of motor vehicles has a database of license plates and car owners, the Department of Defense should have a database of gun serial numbers and gun owners. This data should be paired with infractions of gun laws, past criminal offenses and the status of the gun owner's mental health and physical capability.       Together with universal background checks, this system will help law enforcement stop a potentially dangerous person before they commit a gun crime. It will also end the gun show and secondhand sale loopholes which allowed individuals who otherwise wouldn't be able to buy firearms to purchase them at gun shows and in secondhand sales.          Change privacy laws to allow mental healthcare providers to communicate with law enforcement       As seen in the tragedies in our school, poor communications among mental healthcare providers, law enforcement, parents and school officials may contribute to a disturbed person not receiving the proper attention, care and treatment, having access to guns enter a school and gun down people.       We must improve this channel of communication. To do so, privacy laws should be amended. That will allow us to prevent people who are a danger to themselves or to others from purchasing firearms. That could help prevent tragedies such as the Parkland massacre.          Raise the firearm purchase age to 21       In a few months from now, many of us will be turning 18. We will not be able to drink; we will not be able to rent a car. Most of us will still be living with our parents. We will not be able to purchase a handgun. And yet, we will be able to purchase an AR-15.       Why is it that we can legally obtain a weapon that has the ability to fire more than 150 rounds and kill 17 people in about six minutes? That is unacceptable. It makes no sense that to buy a handgun, you have to be 21, but a gun of mass destruction and devastation like the AR-15 can be purchased when one is just becoming an adult.       With the exception of those who are serving the United States in the military, the age to obtain any firearm must be raised to 21.          Allow the CDC to make recommendations for gun reform       The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conduct research on the dangers of gun violence. The fact that this research is currently blocked and prohibited violates the first amendment and the rights of the American people.          Dedicate more funds to mental health research and professionals       Federal and state government should earmark more funds specifically for mental health services. Those with mental health issues, especially those who express aggressive, violent, suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts should have the opportunity to receive the help they need regardless of their economic status.       Schools specifically should receive more funds in order to hire more psychologists and guidance counselors who can aid students suffering from PTSD, depression and other debilitating mental illnesses.       Many of those who commit mass shootings suffer from these kinds of illnesses. It is essential that more funds be dedicated to mental health research. Almost all psychologists agree that all forms of violence comes primarily from early childhood and many factors effect childhood - hunger, poverty, homelessness, punishment, education, etc. over which the child has little control. So we must work on everything holistically          Increase funding for school security       All schools should be given sufficient funds for school security and resource officers to protect and secure the entire campus.       For example as a school of over 3,000 students, teachers and faculty, Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school was provided funds to hire only one on-campus armed resource officer by the state. Without backup, this officer's hesitation proved to be disastrous and allowed for the senseless deaths of 17 people.       Though this idea has been proposed in the past, these funds should not be appropriated from the already scarce funding for public education. Governments should find resources to secure the millions of children that attend public schools without taking away from the quality of education that is offered at these institutions.          Provide for risk protection orders for family members and law enforcement to intervene and prevent tragic domestic shootings.         Shut Down High School JROTC Firing Ranges From the actionnetwork.org:     “The U.S. Army taught Florida killer Nikolas Cruz how to shoot a lethal weapon in his high school cafeteria when he was 14. Nik was a member of the school’s JROTC program.     Nearly 2,000 U.S. high schools have military shooting programs. Our plan is to shut them down. During lunch, military recruiters forge relationships with kids. After lunch, the same cafeterias are transformed into firing ranges. The marksmanship programs typically use CO2-powered long rifles that shoot .177 caliber lead pellets at speeds up to 600 feet per second. They are lethal. weapons.     Militarism is a contributing cause of gun violence in America. These shooting programs don’t belong in our schools!”     Also the shooting ranges contaminate the air and surfaces with powdered lead particles”


46.4.3 Vacate as unconstitutional, null and void:          Supreme Court Holdings in District of Columbia v Heller, and McDonald v Chicago, without amending the constitution and repair the damages caused by these rulings. Proof of this is outlined in paragraphs 14.4.2 through and 14.6 through 14.6.11 - of SDG Target Action Plan - TAP14 Vacate as null and void Citizens United and Scores of Other Unconstitutional Court Rulings without Amending the Constitution and Repair the Damages Caused by these Rulings. This will reinstate all election financing/donation control legislation.          All gun laws that used District of Columbia v Heller and McDonald v Chicago as precedents.


46.5     Background (Being developed)