1. Civil liberties and human rights
  2. Clean oceans and abundant sea life
  3. Co-ops instead of corporations
  4. End all Hunger and ensure access of all to nutritious food
  5. Environment, replace harmful practices with practices that help the environment
  6. Governance, Good and honest
  7. Health and long term care for life
  8. Housing, affordable decent
  9. Humane Prosecutions
  10. Immigration, Fair and humane policies, laws and practices
  11. Include refugees into communities and get them to be self sufficient
  12. Inclusive, resilient safe communities and cities
  13. Infrastructure, repaired, resilient and modernized
  14. Jobs with guaranteed living income for life
  1. Natural Resources, Conserved for future generations
  2. Postal Service
  3. Poverty, eradicate all
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. Rule of law
  6. Security Net
  7. Strong Institutions
  8. Taxes, Eliminate all except for a net asset property tax
  9. Terrestrial Ecosystems
  10. Terrorist threats, eliminate
  11. Transportation
  12. Vacate as null and void laws and court rulings
  13. Violence, Eliminate
  14. Water, Provide universal access to safe water
  15. Wealth and Income Equality
  16. World Peace
List the problems and issues from the above and your issues in which you are particularly interested in improving:
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