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  • A1. Provide Jobs at Living Wages in Meaningful Work
  • A.2. Affordable Necessities of Life for All
  • A.3. Provide Expanded and Improved, Single Payer Medicare for All and Double All Social Security Payments.
  • A.5. Provide Publicly Financed, Pre-K through a College Education and Lifetime Vocational Training
  • A.7. Build, Maintain and Operate a Comprehensive Nationwide, Rail Based Transportation System.
  • A.8. Strengthen the Postal Service; Make it the People’s Primary Point of Contact with the Government and Enact Postal Banking
  • A.9. Modernize and Repair America's Infrastructure.
  • A.10. Create a Universal Accessible, High-Speed Broadband Internet Infrastructure
  • A.11. Ensure Honest and Accurate Media Not Under Corporation Control is Available for All
  • B1. Reorganize Congress and the Executive Department by Function to Implement this Plan and Accomplish the Goals
  • B2. Set Aside Unconstitutional, Injurious, Unjust Laws and Provide Reparations for Victims of such Laws.
  • B.3. Without Enacting a Constitutional Amendment, Set Aside Citizens United and Other Court Rulings which Claim that Corporations Have Rights or Personhood and Strictly Limit Source, Type and Amount of all Campaign Contributions
  • B.4. Provide Moral, Humane, Constitutional Immigration Laws and Practices, keeping in Mind the U.S. Purchased 2/3rds of Mexico for $20 Million in 1840 at Gun Point.
  • B.5. Ensure the Election of Honest, Capable Public Servants and Ensure They Remain Honest
  • B.6. Eliminate All Free Trade Agreements and Require that Congress Regulate Commerce Not Corporate Executives as Required by the Constitution
  • C1. Permanently End US Wars, Occupations, Use of Force, Sanctions, Military Alliances and Empire Building Worldwide
  • C.1.1. End Israel's Occupation of the West Bank and Blockade of Gaza and Prevent Attacks or a War Against Iran by Israel and/or the U.S.
  • C.1.2. U. S. Cease All Fissile Material Enrichment, Phase Out all Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Programs and Encourage Iran, North Korea and All Other Countries to Do Likewise
  • C2. Permanently Disarm and Convert 90% of DoD-MIC Spending and Resources for Use for Peaceful Purposes with no Layoffs
  • C.3. Fully Fund, Help Reform and Strengthen the United Nations, UN Peace Keepers, the World Courts, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and INTERPOL and Settle Conflicts and Disputes by Pacific Means
  • D1. Require National Federal Charters for Domestic and Foreign Corporations and other Entities
  • E1. Nationalize the Federal Reserve, Regulate Financial Systems, End Foreclosures and Provide Community Banking
  • E.2. Develop a Plan to Transition to a Resource-Based Global Economy
  • F.1. Enhance Environmental Protection. Ban Fracking, Mountain Top Removal and Strip Mining and Tar Sands Products and Pipe Lines.
  • F.2. Decrease The Rate and Degree of Climate Change and Mitigate its Adverse Effects.
  • F.3. Prevent Exploitation of Natural Resources by Corporations, the World Bank, IMF, the U.S. and ‘Other Countries’.
  • G.0. Develop a Plan to Reform the Entire Legal and Justice System
  • G.1. Ensure All Rights Are Protected For All Humankind
  • G.2. Enforce the Rule of Law
  • G.3. Reform Criminal Justice and Prisons Using Restorative Justice, Restitution, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Instead of Punishment and Retribution.
  • G.4. Humanely and Privately Prosecute Lawbreakers with Timely, Restorative Justice for Victims and Rehabilitation for Law-Breakers.
  • H.1. Make Funds Available from the Summary of Funding Sources to Accomplish the Work in the Common Agenda, Eliminate Deficit Spending, Pay Down the National Debt, Provide Medicare for All, Double Social Security Payments, and End All Austerity Programs an
  • H2. Simplify and Reform Tax Codes, Enact Very Progressive Property Taxes on the $70 Trillion of Assets and Other Property of Corporations and Individuals and Eliminate Income, Sales, Estate and Other Taxes.
  • H3. Make all Government Contracts and Grants into Time and Material Type Contracts with No Profits, Overhead, Fees or Other Percentages


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