UN SDG Targets 10.3 & Target Action Plan 31

31 Provide net asset and income equality within and among countries and funds and donations to rapidly implement the UN SDG TAPs in the U.S. and in developing countries, end deficit spending, pay down the national debt and end recessions and economic collapses forever

(Revised July 8, 2017)

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The Age of Abundance is upon us. Man need never again go hungry or cold. The whole world now has the capability to support itself free from want and almost free from disease.


Willard and Marguerite Beecher

                                                                                 The Problem of the 20th Century Footnote -

                                                                                  Poverty in the midst of plenty



31.1    Introduction

This document:


   Outlines sources to:


       Provide up-front surge funding and donations to rapidly implement the UN SDGs TAPs


       Help run the Government, pay down the national debt and end recessions and economic collapses forever


   Provides plans and means to eliminate excessive net asset and income inequalities

Two of the primary reasons we have inequalities that cause massive poverty in the U.S. and the rest of the world are:


   Extremely regressive taxation. The poor and middle class pay a much higher percentage of their income than the rich in taxes Total net worth of the U.S. is roughly $55 trillion and the world $241trillion. This net worth is concentrated in the very large corporations/companies and in the 1%. The 540 largest corporations/companies in the U.S. have over $38 trillion in net worth and the 2000 largest corporations/companies in the world have over $165 trillion in net worth according to Forbes. The Problem of the Twentieth Century: Poverty in the Midst of Plenty explains how Beecher "businessmen" have kept unemployment, prices, profits and executive salaries high by paying low wages and laying off employees. This has kept 4 billion people in world in poverty and debt and provides evermore unemployed workers willing to work for even lower wages. No one really needs over say $20 million. It is mostly greed.


   Despite the fact that our Constitution says that the Congress will Coin (produce) and appropriate all money, the Federal Reserve has originated and produced and loaned, at very low rates, trillions of dollars to the large banks and the banks have produced trillions of dollars more with "fractional banking" which they lend at usury rates.

The underlying cause of these problems are greed not need and it is fed by self-doubt according to the smarter psychologists. This needs fixing also.

Table of Contents


31.1    Introduction


31.2    Purpose


31.3    Objectives


31.4    Funding and Donation Sources and Cost Avoidance Measures:


31.5    Conclusions:



31.2    Purpose

To identify and outline the necessary significant sources of funding, donations and cost avoidance measures to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs and their Targets and eliminate excessive inequality within the U.S. and among the U.S. and developing countries.


31.3    Objectives

Provide a summary of potential funding and donation sources and cost avoidance measures that clearly shows there are more than sufficient funds to:


31.3.1 Fully fund the rapid implementation of the UN SDG TAPs in the U.S. and in developing countries


31.3.2 End deficit spending, pay down the national debt and end recessions and economic collapses forever


31.3.3 By also placing limits on net assets and total income, eliminate excessive wealth inequality within and among countries




31.3.5 Eliminate deficit spending.


31.3.6 Pay down and eliminate the need to increase the limit on the national debt.


31.3.7 End sequestration, all austerity programs, recessions and the possibility of a depression.


31.3.8 Target 10.3: Eliminate excessive inequality within the U.S. and among the U.S. and developing countries by ensuring equal opportunity and reducing inequalities of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and action in this regard

It debunks the notions that there must be austerity programs, cuts in social programs, medicare and social security and shows that the fear monger over debt reduction and the fiscal cliff is a “Trojan Horse” to provide cover to start reducing/eliminating medicare and social security and decrease corporation taxes even more.


31.4   Funding and Donation Sources and Cost Avoidance Measures:

No layoffs will result from these actions. Transfers will be necessary. Individuals will be able to choose where and what work they would like to do.


31.4.1 TAP # 32 Eliminate Income, Sales, Estate, Corporate and All Other Taxes Except for One Tax - a Progressive Property Tax on the Net Assets of All Individuals, Corporations, Businesses, and Other Entities with More than $1 Million in Net Assets. Provide Generous Tax Deductions Based on Worthiness of Charitable Causes Being Supported by the Taxpayer and Simplify all Tax Codes.


31.4.2 TAP 22 Nationalize the Federal Reserve and Large Insolvent Banks. Government Print U.S. Currency, Appropriate and Exchange for Federal Reserve Notes from Earned Income U.S. Dollar for Fed Reserve Dollar and for Unearned Income at a Rate Based on How Federal Reserve Notes Plan to Be Used e.g. for Worthiness of Charitable Causes Being Supported. Prevent Economic Crises and Depressions, End Foreclosures and Provide Community Banking


31.4.3 Nationalize Large Insolvent Banks and Create the National Bank of the United States (The United States d.b.a. (doing business as) the National Bank of the United States of America) and establish state and city public banks to make no interest loans directly into the economy including to states, worthwhile businesses and institutions that generate jobs. All these banks should employ the personnel buildings, facilities, equipments and other assets of the Federal Reserve System and the insolvent banks


31.4.4   Establish state and city public banks to make low or no interest loans directly into the economy including to states, worthwhile businesses and institutions that generate jobs.


31.4.5   Recover/disgorge as much as possible of: The over $2.462 trillion of U.S. Treasury Securities and the $1.745 trillion of mortgage backed securities and all other assets of significant value held by the Federal Reserve The over 37 trillion of dollars granted, loaned or otherwise provided to financial institutions by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, U.S. Treasury and other government Agencies that have not been paid back. The profits/revenue from the use of these funds All the real property (factories, infrastructure, land, airports, etc.) acquired directly or indirectly with these funds. Resources of individuals and companies that have misappropriated and stolen the funds and property of the government and people


31.4.6   Exchange U.S. Currency for Federal Reserves Notes but require that it be done inside the U. S. by the actual owner of the Federal Reserve Notes. This will help overseas tax havens.


31.4.7   UN SDG TAP18 Take All Nuclear Weapons Off Alert and Disable Them, End All U.S. Wars, Air and Drone Strikes, Violence, Conflicts, Occupations, Use of Force, Sanctions, Military Alliances and Empire Building. Apologize and Pay Reparations to People and Countries Harmed by the U.S. Close Overseas Bases. Bring All Offensive Weapons, Troops and Contractors Home. Settle All Disputes and Conflicts by Pacific Means Reprogram 100% of the Department of Defense-Military Industrial Complex (DOD-MIC), spending appropriations, funding, budgets and contracts for illegal wars, occupations, nuclear and other offensive weapons, covert operations, overseas bases and facilities, the war on terror, torture, assassinations, secret arrests, renditions, abusive treatment of detainees, use of paramilitaries, spying on the people of the U.S., armed and spy drones, etc. to used for peaceful purposes including withdrawals, shutting down overseas and state-side bases, bringing troops home, dismantling/converting all offensive weapons system and turning over property and resources to the, State Guards (old militias), WPAs and CCCs, Government Departments, United Nations and inparticular UN Peacekeepers and for other, (See Action Plans #18- #20). NOTE: as outlined in the Proof of the Illegality of U.S. Wars and Use of Force, the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 outlawed all wars and requires that the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means.    Reprogram all but about $100 billion of the remaining annual DOD-MIC spending, appropriations, funding, budgets and contracts for peaceful purposes (the same items in paragraph 6 above.


31.4.8 Cease all arms and munition sales, gifts and loans and eliminate military aid to foreign countries and “insurgent groups” beginning immediately with Israel, Ukraine and Syria


31.4.9 UN SDG TAP # 21 Require Renewable Federal Charters and Licenses for Corporations, Place Limits on Total Salaries, Bonuses Expenses and Benefits, Eliminate Corporate Executives Control Over Public Servants


31.4.10  UN SDG TAP # 33 Make All Government Contracts, Sub-Contracts and Grants into Time and Material Type Contracts/Grants with No Profits, Overhead, Fees or Other Percentages


31.4.11  Eliminate bailouts and subsidies for corporations and other entities.


31.4.12  Use “time and materials” type contracts with no profits, overhead, G & A, fees or percentages for all government contracts and grants. Under these contracts the contractor or grantee is reimbursed for the actual salaries, wages and benefits paid to workers, managers and professionals for direct labor and the actual costs of “materials.” Salaries, wages and fringe benefits would be at local prevailing, living wages. These living wages would be based on Davis-Bacon type calculations with the coverage expanded to include managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals (Common Agenda Item #21)


31.4.13  Vacate as null and void the Affordable Health Care for America Act and replace it with an refined expanded and Improved Medicare For All Act, H.R. 676. This will save over $500 billion annually by negotiating pharmaceutical, equipment and material costs and from decreased admin costs and insurance company overhead and profits. (Common Agenda Action Plan #14)


31.4.14  Vacate as Null and Void the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, which prohibits the Government from negotiating prices of prescription drugs and established a very complicated, expensive management system. Recover/disgorge as much as possible of the unnecessary costs of at least $240 billion over the past six years. As of February 2009, the projected net cost of the program over the 2006 to 2015 time period was $549.2 billion Endnote (Common Agenda Item #14)


31.4.15  Reprogram excess current spending, appropriations and budgets resulting from efforts under Common Agenda Item 2 Reform and Organize Congress and the Executive Department by Function - Responsibility and eliminate duplicated and unnecessary functions and waste, fraud and abuse.


31.4.16  Expose and block the CEO Campaign to ‘Fix' the Debt: a Trojan Horse for massive corporate tax breaks.


31.4.17  Obtain disgorgement of profits and revenues from financial crimes and unethical acts. This is not punishment and can be exercised by demand or by order of a judge.


31.4.18  Reduce high level public servant pay scales by amounts proportional to the amount of salary and change Government employment pay increases for inflation to fixed amounts instead of basing them on a percentage of pay.


31.4.19  Eliminate pure patronage appointments.                


31.4.20  Pay debts as they come due and end government shutdowns, the need to raise the debt ceiling, deficit spending, sequestration and austerity programs, pay down the national debt and avoid an economic collapse, by making funds available from the Summary of Funding Sources.


31.5   Conclusions:

As these items are phased in and the Common Agenda accomplished, unemployment will essentially disappear the so called fiscal cliff will become easily manageable, income, estate, gift, capitol gain, sales taxes can be phased out, inequalities will decrease, there will be no need for the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles Commission and other austerity programs or to increase the national debt or its limit. Individuals will continue to pay payroll taxes to further strengthen Medicare and Social Security and so that they will be vested in it.