USP Document 51

51. Common Agenda of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Target Action Plans (TAPs) and Universal Strategic Plan (USP) Documents

(Updated April 22, 2017)

Work remains to be done on this document. Please forward proposed corrections, refinements and additions to RefineThePlan@PeopleNow.org or fax to 703-521-0849


51.1   Introduction

This Common Agenda currently consists of:


     About 43 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target Action Plans (TAPs), in various stages of development .


     About 20 Universal Strategic Plan (USP) Documents being used to help refine and implement the TAPs. Several of these documents are being converted into TAPs

Attachment A at the end of this document provides a Glossary of Terms and Description of the Standard Numbering System for UN and USP Documents

Each of the UN SDG Targets, Target Action Plans (TAPs) and USP documents use a standard numbering system so that every section of every document will ultimately have a unique number. This will make finding items, suggesting new items and making corrections easier

These plans are called UN SDG Target Action Plans because we have thousands of books and articles with many great ideas but many of these ideas are not being acted on or implemented.

Organizations are requested to integrate, or at least list, projects they are working on with existing similar SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs) so that efforts are not duplicated.

Each UN SDG Target Action Plan requires that various tasks and sub-tasks, which will ultimately be included.

The current plan is for Organizations to take the lead to refine and implement each SDG Target Action Plan and each major Element of the USP. This does not imply that only individuals in the organization taking the lead are the only ones that can work on a specific Action.

This Common Agenda, Global-Matrix-Network, Global Information and Education System, Project-Management-System, etc...will be linked in the Cloud to coordinate the efforts of individuals and organizations and prioritize, sequence and implement the hundreds of Actions and thousands of tasks and sub-tasks required to implement the Actions. Until then, Actions, tasks and sub-tasks must be manually-sequenced, scheduled and implemented.


51.2    Purpose

To ultimately list all significant Target Action Plans (TAPs) that must be rapidly accomplished to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs


51.3    Objectives


51.3.1 Provide a standard format.


51.3.2 Facilitate the use of a project management system.


51.3.3 Allow individuals and organization to easily find and choose on what they would like to work or take the lead on. Progressive Organizations and the Public and Private Sectors Work Together to Refine and Implement Select UN SDG Targets outlined below in the most humane, effective and efficient way possible with local people doing the work


51.4    United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Target Action Plans (TAPs) and Universal Strategic Plan (USP) Documents


51.4.1 TAP1 Achieve full and productive employment at decent work and living wages primarily to implement TAP41 Eradicate all poverty, ensure everyone has all the necessities of life. a guaranteed living income and everything needed to become self-sufficient until they are self-sufficient and TAP25 Decrease the Rate and Degree of Global Warming and Mitigate its Adverse Effects


51.4.2 TAP2 End hunger and ensure access by all people to safe, nutritious and sufficient food


51.4.3 TAP3 Plan to Repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and Replace it With H.R. 676 Which Provides Healthcare for All and Reduces Total Costs


51.4.4 TAP4 Provide a Security Net that Ensures a Decent Life for Allp


51.4.5 TAP5 Provide Publicly-Financed, Quality Child Care, Pre-K Through a College Education and Vocational, Job Readiness and Literacy Training for All for Life


51.4.6 TAP6 Ensure Decent Affordable Accessible, Resilient, Sustainable Housing for All Including Building on Public Land Where Necessary


51.4.7 TAP7 Provide safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all and build a comprehensive, nationwide, rail based/maglev transportation system integrated with local systems


51.4.8 TAP8 Nationalize and Strengthen the Postal Service, Make it a People’s Primary Points of Contact with Governments and Enact Postal Banking.


51.4.9 TAP9 Repair, Modernize and Expand United States Infrastructure to Endure Climate Change and Accommodate Future Generations


51.4.10  TAP10 Provide Publicly Supported Universal, Internet Access for Everyone


51.4.11  TAP11 Ensure Honest and Accurate Media Not Under Corporate Executives’ Control is Available for All Without “Censorship”


51.4.12  TAP12 Reform and Reorganize Congress and the Executive Department by Function and as Necessary to Have an Effective, Efficient Government


51.4.13  TAP13 Vacate as Null and Void, Set Aside, Repeal, Replace or Amend All or Portions Of Unconstitutional, Unjust and/or Injurious Laws


51.4.14  TAP14 Vacate Citizens United and Scores of Other Unconstitutional Court Rulings Without Amending the Constitution and Repair the Damages Caused by these Rulings


51.4.15  TAP15 Provide Humane, Constitutional Immigration Laws and Practices Considering that the U. S. Purchased 2/3rds of Mexico for $20 million in 1848 at Gun Point


51.4.16  TAP16 Make Elections about Each Candidate’s Character, Performance and Position on Issues/Actions, Allow Very Limited Campaign Contributions from Citizens Only and Reform Elections


51.4.17  TAP17 Vacate as Null-and-Void All Free Trade Agreements, Replace Them with Fair Trade Agreements on a Case-by-Case Basis and End “Fast Track”


51.4.18  TAP18 Permanently Disable All Nuclear Weapons. End All Wars, Air and Drone Strikes, Conflicts, Occupations, Use of Force, Sanctions, Military Alliances and Empire Building. Apologize and Pay Reparations to Individuals and Countries Harmed by the U.S. . Turnover U.S. Overseas Bases and Facilities to the UN and/or Country. Bring All Troops, Offensive Weapons and Contractors Home. Settle All Disputes and Conflicts by Pacific Means


51.4.19  TAP19 Permanently Disarm, Demilitarize, Phase Out the Military and All Offensive Weapons, Ships and Aircraft and Convert the Military-Industrial Complex to Provide Products, for Peaceful, Sustainability Purposes


51.4.20  TAP20 Plan to Strengthen and Fully-Fund the United Nations its Related Organizations and the Accelerated Implementation of its Sustainable Development Goals. Do Not Make the UN a World Government. But Amend the UN Charter to Give the UN and Related Organizations the Authority and Means to Enforce and Ultimately Make International Laws and Rapidly Help Settle All Conflicts and Disputes by Pacific and Legal Means.


51.4.21  TAP21 Require Renewable Federal Charters and Licenses for Corporations, Place Limits on Total Salaries, Bonuses Expenses and Benefits, Eliminate Corporate Executives Control Over Public Servants


51.4.22  TAP22 Vacate as null and void the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Nationalize the Federal Reserve and Large Insolvent Banks. Government Print U.S. Currency, Appropriate and Exchange for Federal Reserve Notes from Earned Income U.S. Dollar for Fed Reserve Dollar and for Unearned Income at a Rate Based on How Federal Reserve Notes Plan to Be Used e.g. for Worthiness of Charitable Causes Being Supported. Prevent Economic Crises and Depressions, End Foreclosures and Provide Community Banking


51.4.23  TAP23 Integrate other meaningful, causes and systemic change into related, existing TAPS and/or develop entirely new TAPs as the needs be


51.4.24  TAP24 Ban and/or Place Moratoriums on Practices that are Harming the Environment


51.4.25  TAP25 Decrease the Rate and Degree of Global Warming and Mitigate its Adverse Effects


51.4.26  TAP26 Prevent Exploitation of Natural Resources by Corporations, the World Bank, IMF, Extraction Industries, the U.S. and ‘Other Countries’


51.4.27  TAP27 Ensure That All Human Rights and Civil Liberties Are Respected, Observed and Protected for All Humankind and Ensure Equal Access to Justice for All


51.4.28  TAP28 Promote, support and enforce the rule of law at the national and international levels


51.4.29  TAP29 End massive incarcerations, humanely reform the criminal justice system and prisons using timely restitution, truth and reconciliation, restorative justice, rehabilitation and eliminate punishment for all crimes and confinement for non-violent crimes described on www.HumaneJustice.org


51.4.30  TAP30 Plan to Humanely and Privately Investigate, Negotiate With and If Necessary, Prosecute Alleged Lawbreakers with Timely Restitution for Victims, Rehabilitation for Lawbreakers and Reconciliation and Restorative Justice Opportunities for Both described on www.HumaneProsecutions.org


51.4.31  TAP31 Reduce Inequalities and Outline Funding and Donations Sources to Provide Up-front Surge Funding to Rapidly Implement the UN SDGs, End Poverty, Get Everyone in the World Working Together and Self-Sufficient. End Recessions Forever, Pay Down the National Debt and Avoid an Economic Collapse


51.4.32  TAP32 Reform and Simplify Our Regressive Taxation Eliminate Income, Sales, Estate, Corporate and All Other Taxes Except for One Tax - a Progressive Property Tax on the Net Assets of All Individuals, Corporations, Businesses, and Other Entities with More than $1 Million in Net Assets, With Generous Tax Deductions Based on Worthiness of Charitable Causes Being Supported by the Taxpayer


51.4.33  TAP33 Make All Government Contracts, Sub-Contracts and Grants into Time and Material Type Contracts/Grants with No Profits, Overhead, Fees or Other Percentages


51.4.34  TAP34 Develop and Implement Parallel UN SDG TAPs and USP Documents for Cities, Counties, States, Other Nations and the United Nations that Mimic Applicable Parts of this Common Agenda beginning with Washington D.C. and Palestine and Gaza


51.4.35  TAP35 Prioritize Using New Thinking and Doing Holistically, Engaging and Mobilizing New Voices and Constituencies, Strengthening Capacity of and Collaboration Among Organizations and Individuals in the Public and Private Sectors in Particular Those Engaged in Progressive Issues


51.4.36  TAP36 Not used


51.4.37  TAP37 Not used


51.4.38  TAP38 As rapidly as possible, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services and ensure the maximum possible amount of renewable energy practicable is utilized


51.4.39  TAP39 Not used


51.4.40  TAP40 Not used


51.4.41  TAP41 Eradicate all poverty: Ensure everyone has all the necessities of life, a guaranteed income and everything needed to become self-sufficient until they are self-sufficient  


51.4.42  TAP42 Provide universal and equitable access to safe drinking water for all as rapidly as possible


51.4.43  TAP43 Provide adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations


51.4.44  TAP44 Ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services and increase substantially the share of renewable energy


51.4.45  TAP45 Plan to Rapidly Implement all UN Sustainable Development Goal Target Action Plans










51.4.50     USP Document 50- Global Movement and Universal Strategic Plan to develop Targets Action Plans for all UN SDG Targets and a Plan to rapidly implement all the UN SDG TAPs


51.4.51     USP Document51- Common Agenda of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target Action Plans (TAPs) and USP Documents


51.4.52   USP Document52- Urgent Priority Actions


51.4.53     USP Document53- Urgent Need for Comprehensive Reform and a Movement and Strategic Plan for a Permanently Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable World


51.4.54     USP Document54- The Holistic Strategy to Refine and Implement The UN Sustainability Development Goals and Targets Using the Universal Strategic Plan (USP)


51.4.55     TAP55- Build The Nonpartisan, Nonhierarchic, Global Matrix Network (GMN) of Individuals, Organizations, Miscellaneous Locations and Events with Nine Digit Zip Codes for each, which Provides the Neighborhood, Community, City, State, and Political Districts of Each


51.4.56     TAP56- Build The Global Factual Information and Education Program to Promote Sustainable Development and Implementation of the UN SDG Targets Action Plans (TAPs)


51.4.57     USP Document57- Summary of the Necessities and Needs for a Decent Life for All Humankind Now and in the Future


51.4.58     USP Document58- The Summary of Employment Opportunities at Meaningful Work


51.4.59     USP Document59- Lewis Powell's Memo to the Chamber of Commerce


51.4.60     USP Document60- The Kingpins of Carbon [Koch Brothers] and Their War on Democracy, Greenpeace US, September 2014 Report


51.4.61     USP Document61- Changes in the Economy Since The 1970s


51.4.62     TAP62- Build an Advanced Project Management and Communications System


51.4.63     USP Document63- Primary Causes of the National Debt


51.4.64     USP Document64- Primary Causes of the Ongoing Economic and Jobs Crises


51.4.65     USP Document65- Proposed Revised Titles of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Targets to be Considered for Use in Countries of the World


51.4.66     USP Document66- Primary Reasons Many of the Current Actions by the Government Are Hurting Not Helping the True Economy


51.4.67     USP Document67- Description of the Plan to Implement UN SDGs Using the USP Now!


51.4.68     USP Document68- A Summary of the U.S. Illegal Wars and Use of Force in the Mideast


51.4.69     USP Document69- Proof that all Wars, Use of Force, Nuclear Weapons and the Strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction Are All Illegal


51.4.70     USP Document70- Oil and Oil Profits: The Primary Reason The U. S. is in the Mideast


51.4.71     USP Document71- The Problem of the 20th Century: Poverty in the Age of Abundance




Attachment A. Glossary of Terms and Description of the Standard Numbering System for UN SDG TAPs, SDG TAs and USP Documents


Each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Targets, Target Action Plans (TAPs) and USP documents have a standard numbering systems and every section of every document will ultimately have a unique number. This will make refining and correcting documents faster and easier.


The 17 SDGs are numbered 1 through 17. The numbers of the SDGs are the first one or two digits of each Target before the first decimal point. Each Target has a number or letter after the single decimal point e.g. 2.3 and 14.a.


The UN SDGs Targets that cover more than one topic and/or require modifications have been broken down by adding a second decimal place for each different Targets, e.g. Target 2.3.1 and 9.a.2.


Target Action Plan (TAP) - Target and Associated Target Action Plan. The title of a TAP is the a brief description the Target(s) the TAP implements. The number before the first decimal points is the number of the of the TAP.


Target Action (TA) is a single action from a TAP


 The number after the first decimal point shows what that section is, e.g.


   18.1 Introduction to TAP18


   18.2 The Purpose of TAP18


   18.3 The Objectives of TAP18


   18.4 Target Actions (TAs) to be Implemented by TAP18 Individual Ts


   18.5 Background information


   18.6 and higher numbers: Miscellaneous Items


The numbers after the second and higher decimal points are for specific or a header for two or more items e.g. 18.4.1 could be for a specific TA or a header for TA and TA


The following is a sample of an SDG, Targets, Target Action Plan (TAP) and Target Action (TA):


SDG Goal 16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels


Target 16.1- Significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere,


Target 16.1.1 Protect the public from violence, including the excessive use of force lethal and non-lethal by law enforcement


Target 16.1.2 & TAP #18 The United States Lead Efforts Worldwide to Take all Nuclear Weapons off Alert and Permantly Disable Them. End All Wars, Air and Drone Strikes, Violence, Conflicts, Occupations, Use of Force, Sanctions, Military Alliances and Empire Building. Apologize and Pay Reparations to Countries Harmed by the U.S. Close Overseas Bases and Bring all Troops, Offensive Weapons and Contractors Home. Settle all Disputes or Conflicts by Pacific Means


Target 16.1.3 & TAP #19 The United States Lead Efforts Worldwide to Permanently Disarm, Demilitarize, Phase Out the Military and All Offensive Weapons, Ships and Aircraft,


TA Immediately Take All Nuclear Weapons Off Alert and Permanently Disable them and at some point put them Under the Joint Control of the U.S. and United Nations, Return them All to the Continental U.S. and Make Them Permanently Unusable. End the Absurd, Illegal Reliance on “Mutually Assured Destruction” as a Deterrent and Encourage all other countries to do likewise.