Action Plan #100

100. Movement and Plan for a

Permanently Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable

Washington, DC

To be implemented in parallel with the

Nonpartisan, Nonhierarchic (no sacred ruler) Massive Global Movement and Universal Strategic Plan for a Permanently Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable World

described on www.PeopleNow.org

(Updated November 17, 2015)


100.1 Introduction

Washington DC, arguably the most important city in the world, is sorely in need of prosperity and justice for the 99% and the most logical place for the first parallel, individual movement, for cities, counties, states and ultimately other Nations around the world.

It is home to the Federal Government, a well-educated public, numerous progressive individuals and organizations including in particular ONE DC http://www.onedconline.org which has a great Peoples' Platform at http://www.onedconline.org/peoplesplatform.

With its Wards, Precincts, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs), Single Member Districts (SMDs), and inexpensive voters’ lists, it should be one of the easier places in the U.S. to rapidly organize, start building the Global Matrix Network of Public and Private Sector Individuals-Communities-Organizations-Issues/Actions-Postal/Zip Codes-Political Districts.

This Movement and Plan for Washington DC will be refined and implemented in parallel with the Global Movement and Universal Strategic Plan for a Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable World described at www.PeopleNow.org, utilize all applicable elements of this Movement and Strategic Plan and feedback refinements and lessons learned into it. This world will be coordinated out of the same office in Washington DC.

The initial focus on local Actions as well as priority National and Global Actions/Issues from the Table of Priority Actions.


With worker productivity, technology and abundance this and much more is doable if we work together from common plans.

Table of Contents


100.1 Introduction


100.2 Purpose


100.3 Objectives


100.4 Actions:


100.5 Background


100.2 Purpose


100.3 Objectives


100.4 Actions:

Note: There will be full employment, none of these actions will result in layoffs although transfers will be necessary.


100.4.1         Immediately provide healthcare for the sick, decent housing for the homeless, nutritious food for the malnourished and hungry, decent clothing etc. in Washington, DC


100.4.2         Ensure jobs at living wages are available for all the people of DC at meaningful work primarily to help provide a decent life for all of the people of DC now and in the future. These Jobs will have paid vacations, sick and maternity/paternity leave and an immediate minimum wage of $15.00. Full employment at living wages provides more customers for businesses and will jumpstart the economy.


100.4.3         Ensure affordable Necessities and Needs for a Decent Life are available for all the people of DC now and in the future.      Comprehensive, Single-Payer Improved Medicare with dental, pharmaceuticals, behavioral health, long term and hospice care, etc. with no co-pays or need for supplemental insurance      Publicly financed, quality child care and Pre-K through a college education with lifetime vocational, job readiness and literacy training      Build affordable, accessible, decent, sustainable housing with solar panels/shingles, advance thermal insulation, using advance construction techniques such as 3D printing, bulk building material buys and on public land where ever possible.


100.4.4         Enact a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions


100.4.5         Reorganize the 213 Departments, Agencies, Councils, Boards, Funds, Commissions and Offices of the DC Government by function into about 12 Departments with multiple divisions and similarly-named City Council Committees responsible for each Department. Functions include such items as ensuring employment opportunities, health care, affordable housing, etc. are available for all. See Reform and Reorganize Congress and the Executive Department by Function for a similar plan for the Federal Government


100.4.6         Double food stamp, unemployment and other benefits for everyone until they have a job at a living wage


100.4.7         Enact a Progressive Property Tax on the Net Assets of Both Individuals, Corporations, Companies and Other Entities with More than $1 Million in Net Assets, Provide Very Generous Tax Deductions Based on Worthiness of Charitable Causes Being Supported, Eliminate Income, Sales, Estate, Corporate and All Other Taxes and Simplify Tax Codes at All Levels of Government:      Net assets include cash, bank deposits, stock, bonds, gold bullion, retirement accounts, and the value of all land, property, buildings, cars, trucks, equipment and mineral right, accounts receivable, etc. minus all debts, mortgages, bills, accounts payable etc. inside and outside the U.S.      Allow business owners to reduce their taxable net assets by allowing employees to buy a percentage of the real property in a business with their pension funds. For example factory workers could own part of the building, machinery, land etc. of the factory where s/he is working, the restaurant workers could own a part of the stoves, tables, dishes, utensils, building, etc.

         Provide generous tax deductions up to tax credits based on the worthiness of the charitable contributions. According to Wealth-X there are 500 individuals with net assets of over $30 million in Washington DC. For example one or more of these millionaires could adopt the Homeless Shelter in the old DC General Hospital. This will be therapeutic to the donors in particular if they take a non-paying active cooperative role in the donation.      Eliminate income, sales, estate and all other taxes.      Any individual or entity that has over $10 million in net assets will pay the net asset taxes monthly or quarterly


This property tax on net assets will markedly decrease the wealth divide, provide customers for businesses, and improve the economy. This approach expands Thomas Picketty’s proposed “wealth tax” in his book: Capital in the 21st Century


100.4.8         Establish a Public Bank of Washington, D.C. similar to the State owned Bank of North Dakota. See Ellen Brown’s website http://www.publicbanksolution.com for the particulars.


100.4.9         End the war on drugs


100.4.10       Presidential pardons for all non-violent prisoners and detainees who can safely be released with Rehabilitation Plans for all others who cannot safely be released. Whether release of not, perpetrators should partake in restorative justice programs and pay restitution and reconcile with their victims as appropriate.


100.4.11       Make all Government Contracts, Sub-Contracts and Grants into Time and Material Type Contracts/Grants With No Profits, Overhead, Fees or Other Percentages


100.4.12        Set aside the unconstitutional, injurious and unjust Supreme Court Ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) which established the unconstitutional, wrongful and unlawful theory of “separate but equal”. Correct the damages and injustices caused by this and other similar court ruling and legislation .


100.4.13        Help strengthen and implement the Sustainable DC Plan, the U.S. National Plan, and the UN Sustainable Development Strategies (NSDS)


100.4.14        Ensure Washington DC is treated as a state with control over its laws, legal system and taxing authority and with two voting senators and a voting Representative while full Statehood is gained.


100.4.15        Double social security, SSI and disability payments

The Table of Priority Actions and the Common Agenda include many additional actions that must be accomplished. For additional information and to provide comments and refinements please go to www.PeopleNow.org.


100.5 Background