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Captain US Navy (retired)

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“First and foremost, despite a 26 naval career, plus four years at the Naval Academy, I am absolutely against all forms of violence, war, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, etc. and intend to apply what I have learned to have a peaceful, prosperous, just, sustainable world primarily by accelerating the implementation of the SDG TAPs.” – Ron


Ron Fisher, former U.S. Navy Captain and current Executive Director of Defense Fire Protection dba PeopleNow.Org is the primary coordinator of the Plan to Accelerate Implementation of the UN SDG TAPs Now! using the Universal Strategic Plan (USP)

Ron received his bachelors degree with honors from the Naval Academy, graduated from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), and earned a Masters Degree in Business Management from Central Michigan University.

Ron had an outstanding career in the Navy. His record at the Naval Academy states that he had the ability to stand first in his class. He stood first in his Submarine, Nuclear Propulsion and Engineering Duty Officer Schools.

Ron also successfully led massive, critical, in their importance, Navy projects.

Early Navy Career

During his early years in the Navy, Ron served as the Operations Officer on a Destroyer while still an Ensign and as a Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Trial Counsel (prosecutor), Defense Counsel, and Summary Court Martial (Judge, for minor infractions of the UCMJ) all as collateral duties. He also served on four nuclear submarines including as Executive Officer of both a nuclear attack and a ballistic missile submarine. He also was trained in the use of both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons. He made nine ballistic missile submarine patrols and six special operations on nuclear attack submarines.

Training Officer at a Navy Training Unit, supervised about a dozen enlisted and civilian instructors and trained many officers and enlisted on the S3G nuclear propulsion plant, help found and was on the board of a Montessori School and had a sub-speciality in Education and Training Management. ... also served.

Last Half of His Naval Career

During the last half of his naval career, Ron became an Engineering Duty Officer and worked in a Naval Shipyard on refueling overhauls of nuclear submarines and worldwide submarine repairs. As the Submarine Type Desk Officer was responsible for issuing all work and managing hundreds of million of dollars of funds for submarine overhauls and repairs. As head of the Engineering Department he was in charge of all the engineers and planners and estimators. As a Project Manager he was responsible for every aspect of the of first extended refit period of a ballistic missile submarine by a naval shipyard. Also served in various logistics jobs in the Washington DC area including as Logistics Manager for a Class of Nuclear Submarines, Manager of Navy Shipyard Work Loading and Pre-Award Surveys for New Construction Ships as an the Assistant Naval Inspector General for Logistics.

His awards included the Legion of Merit, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Navy Achievement Medal, the Navy Expeditionary Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal

Post Navy career includes helping to implement the very successful Navy Passive Fire Protection Program while working for an engineering service firm. He also founded and manages:


     a very successful non-profit fire safety and survivability company, Defense Fire Protection Association, described at www.dfpa.org which was instrumental in cutting fire losses and


     a service-disabled veteran-owned small business described at www.VetsSS.org

Under contract with DOD, Ron prepared a report that conclusively determined that it is impossible to protect ships, aircraft, buildings, infrastructure and society from determined terrorists and that since the late 1950's surface ships have been sitting ducks and would have lasted only a very few hours in any combat against an equipped adversary.

Ron says: "The last submarine I served on could have, by itself, completely destroyed over a hundred bases or medium size cities, from thousands of miles away and killed millions of civilians in a very few minutes . At the time, I never thought about or talked to anyone about the deaths, maiming and destruction that our submarine could have caused. Happily, we never had to fire those missiles with real warheads. I now realize how horribly wrong, immoral, illegal, unnecessary, stupid and costly all wars, occupations, violence, empire building, poverty, homelessness, hunger and unemployment are. I am convinced that many others will come to understand this also and we will permanently end poverty and wars and eliminate nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

Because nuclear submarines are complicated, spend long periods of time submerged and usually operate out of touch of civilization, their crews must be completely self sufficient, must be able to work together as one and must have foresight. The crew must make the oxygen they breath by the electrolysis of water, distill sea water to drink, get rid of the carbon dioxide they exhale, carry enough food for several months, generate and distribute electricity, put out fires, provide entertainment, justice and training. I believe that the approximately three years that I spent submerged in submarines doing all this, plus my many other experiences and accomplishments outlined above, my drive, my knowledge of the military and technical matters, my intelligence and my unflinching desire to make the world a better place uniquely qualify me to play a major role rapidly implementing the UN SDGs using the Universal Strategic Plan for a Permanently Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable World (USP)

Has used his considerable experience and has worked for years compiling the Massive Global Movement and Universal Strategic Plan for a Permanently Peaceful, Prosperous, Just, Sustainable World (MGM&USP) Websites www.PeopleNow.org, www.HumaneJustice.org and www.HumaneProsecutions.org

For more information about Ron go to: http://www.ronfisherforcongress.com/about.htm and http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ron-fisher-captain-us-navy-retired/29/b71/a65

Ron Fisher is also:


    Coordinator, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Peace through Justice (GPtJ) Working Group


    Co-Coordinator, Veterans for Peace (VFP) Democracy, Constitution and War Powers Working Group


    Temporary Coordinator, " Coordinator, Plan to Humanely Reform Criminal Justice Systems and Prisons Working Group described on www.HumaneJustice.org

Updated: November 3, 2016