All Countries of the World Have Agreed to Implement
The UN Sustainable Development Goals
By far the most important initiative and best opportunity for reform in the world ever

The entire world, including the United States, has agreed to implement the 17 UN SDGs and their 169 Targets in their countries. Developed countries, including the U.S., have agreed to help all the developing countries with their implementation. This means all 194 countries of the world have committed to resolve all the significant issues/problems of the world and to have:

  • World peace, no nuclear weapons, no militarism and very few if any terrorist threats

  • No poverty, hunger

  • Full employment and guaranteed living incomes

  • Mitigation of global warming/climate change and its effects

  • Single-payer healthcare for all with no co-payment or supplementals

  • Good governance and strong institutions

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The spirit and intent of the SDGs are clear and they are fantastic; however, they were written/modified by many organizations in different countries, are not well organized, need editing, currently severely underfunded and scheduled to take way too much time

Millions of people and thousands of organizations in the public and private sectors all over the world are working on parts of the SDGs without knowing about the SDGs. Most are not collaborating and working together from a common strategy and plans nearly well enough. A great deal of work is being duplicated and some key items are being missed


In her article Reading I.F. Stone on Earth Day, Naomi Klein states: "What I.F. Stone saw clearly, and what bears repeating four and half decades later, is that the ecological movement will get nowhere if it fails to connect the dots with other overlapping crises facing our society, from racism to militarism to inequality".

In his book, The Sane Society, Eric Fromm states: "Change must be a simultaneous change in economic, education, political and cultural spheres. Changes restricted to one sphere are destructive of every change."

This implies that implementation of the SDG must be part of a larger, comprehensive strategy and plans that resolve every significant issue/problem in the world and that this work be coordinated and sequenced carefully.

PeopleNow.org is refining:

Description of the
The Universal Strategic Plan to Help Implement
All the Sustainable Development Goals Worldwide

To have a peaceful, prosperous, just sustainable world

PeopleNow.org has worked with many others for years developing the Universal Strategic Plan (USP) for a peaceful, prosperous, just sustainable world and national policies/action plans which have been converted into 44 SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs) for the more urgent Targets. They are in various stages of development. Each TAP has many multiple individual Target Actions (TAs).

A Glossary of Terms and Description of the Standard Numbering System for UN SDG TAPs, SDG TAs and USP Documents in  Attachment A of the Common Agenda of SDG TAPS and USP Documents

Target Action Plans (TAPs) and/or Target Actions (TAs) will be developed for the remaining 125 or so SDG Targets and all significant new events, e.g. the Paris Accords.

The USP provides for full-funding, collaboration, preparation for implementing all the SDG TAPs and will ensures that ultimately every issue/problem will be addressed in every country in the world

 Plan to Rapidly Implement the UN SDG TAPs and End Wars, Poverty, Terrorism, Excessive Warming, Inequalities, etc. in the U.S and Worldwide

The assistance of organizations and individuals is needed to help refine and implement the SDG TAPs. Individuals do not need to read or understand the entire plan. Individuals can find the issues, actions, TAPs or TAs in which they are interested by going to the Global Matrix Network Sign-Up Sheet where they can also provide feedback, suggestions, proposed additions and information about their interests and sign up to join a working group when they are ready.

Please note that the very urgent Target Actions will be implemented without waiting until the preparations are completed for all the less urgent Taps.




Plan to End U.S. Wars/Occupations & Use of Force talk by Ron Fisher at a Rally in Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Introduction to the SDGs and SDG TAPs

Plan to Rapidly Implement Urgent UN SDG TAPs to End Wars, Unemployment Poverty, Hunger, etc. and Combat Climate Change 

 Funding & Donations Sources to fully Implement UN SDG TAPs and Reduce Inequalities  

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